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Why You Need to Ditch the "Shoulds"!

On nursery days I often feel anxious because I don't want to waste a second of the time I have. My mind is buzzing with things I SHOULD do, but the problem with this is that I panic myself into inaction/inertia.

This morning after the nursery drop off I did my little ritual of walking to the Island, coffee in hand. But today, buoyed by the full moon's energy, I decided not to count the minutes and instead just enjoy the experience. Which meant I was more open to connection, and subsequently had a lovely chat with the two elderly gentlemen sitting on the bench.

And, when I got home, still determined not to look at the clock, I pottered about for a bit, did a 20 minute pilates workout and made myself some breakfast. And when I eventually sat down at my laptop, feeling convinced it must be long after 10am and trying to quell the panic of lost time, I was amazed and delighted to find it was only 9.38am.

The lesson? When you put less pressure on yourself and ditch the "shoulds" in your internal dialogue, you can actually achieve so much more than when you do have them cluttering up your mental space.

Have a great day everyone.


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