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We use evidence-based coaching psychology and positive psychology tools and techniques to support mothers to achieve their goals and flourish in life and at work.

We work with individuals, groups and organisations to achieve our mission of supporting as many mothers as we can to become flourishing mothers!

Would you like to: ​

  • Gain clarity and focus regarding your goals?

  • Explore your strengths, and how best to use them?

  • Cultivate self-compassion?

  • Increase motivation, optimism and hope?

  • Grow in confidence, enabling you to bring about meaningful and lasting change and take your life in the direction you want to go in?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, coaching could be for you.

Not sure?

Why not try a free, no obligation 20 minute consultation?


One-to-one Coaching

One-to-one coaching offers individuals the opportunity to:

  • Discuss sensitive issues in a safe and confidential space;

  • Explore current challenges and develop strategies to overcome them;

  • Define goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.

Sessions can be booked either individually at the full price of £75/hr or as a 10 session 1:1 Coaching Package which includes WhatsApp and email support between sessions as well as access to The Flourishing Mother Village, a group coaching and support container (see below for more information).


Payment plans for all offerings are considered on an individual basis.

If you are unable to afford full price coaching please email me at - I do make a limited number of pro bono coaching places available each year and may still be able to help you. If the quota has been reached I will add you to the waiting list and make you aware when a place become available.

Single 1:1 Coaching Session
(60 mins) - £75

1:1 Coaching Package (10 x 60 minute sessions + WhatsApp/email support + access to The Village) - - £995 

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Group Coaching

We run group coaching sessions throughout the year.

Group coaching offers mothers the opportunity to:

  • Share their experiences;

  • Make meaningful connections with other mothers;

  • Co-create strategies to overcome common challenges;

  • Develop shared accountability for agreed actions.

To register your interest in future group coaching programmes please use the contact button below.

Exec & Return to Work Coaching

We work with organisations to support mothers in the transition from paid employment into maternity leave and back again.


Our Return to Work programme can be tailored to the needs of the organisation and employees as appropriate, and can take the form of individual or group coaching.

To find out more about Exec & Return to Work coaching programmes please use the contact button below.

The Flourishing Mother Village

This brand new (launching October 2023) group coaching and support container will provide low-cost access to my coaching and support services for mothers, as well as connection with a supportive community of mums. For just £9.99/mth, mothers will have the opportunity to join 1 x group coaching session and 1 x group connection session, via Zoom, per month, as well as between-session access to a private WhatsApp community of Village members and other exclusive benefits. 

"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life."

—  Abraham Maslow

No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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