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Motherhood is a wonderful gift, yet no matter what stage of motherhood you are in, it’s all too easy to find yourself at the bottom of the priority list. 

Always putting others first comes at a cost, both personally and professionally. Many mothers feel that somewhere along the journey of motherhood they have lost their sense of identity – who they are and what makes them tick.


Does this sound like you?

The Flourishing Mother offers mothers at all life stages a safe space to explore what they need to get their lives back into balance. 

We use evidence-based coaching psychology and positive psychology tools and techniques to get to the heart of the issues that our clients face, supporting mothers to:

  • Gain clarity and focus regarding their goals;

  • Explore their strengths, and how best to use them;

  • Cultivate self-compassion;

  • Increase motivation, optimism and hope;

  • Grow in confidence, enabling them to bring about meaningful and lasting change and take their lives in the direction they want to go in.


“Belinda helped me find a new work identity and develop a vision of the flourishing working mother, as well as practical steps to avoid stress. Two weeks into my new role, I really notice how helpful the coaching was. And I enjoy the time I spend with my son....No mother guilt or stress so far.”

—  Kristiane

We believe that EVERY mother has the potential to become a Flourishing Mother i.e. someone who:

  • Knows her strengths – and plays to them;

  • Knows what she wants – and believes she can achieve it;

  • Does not hold herself to impossible standards;

  • Has strategies to help silence her inner critic;

  • Knows that sometimes it’s okay to be the ‘good enough’ mother instead of the perfect mother;

  • Understands the importance of having time to herself;

  • Appreciates the good things in her life;

  • Nurtures the relationships that make her feel good;

  • Does not always put her own needs last;

  • Celebrates her achievements, letting her perceived failures go;

  • Feels the fear and does it anyway;

  • Knows why all of the above make her a better mother - and a role model to her children.


Explore the site to find out more about The Flourishing Mother – who we are, what makes us tick and how we can support you to flourish.

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