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Here you can find all of the latest online and in-person events being run by The Flourishing Mother


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"Sanctuary for the Soul" - A Day of Nurturing and Connection for Mums

If, like many other mums at the moment, you are feeling worn down on both a personal and a global level, we invite you to join us and 11 other mothers on Sun 3rd December at our "Sanctuary for the Soul."

We've responded to the 5* feedback of our last half day retreat and created a full day experience; a true sanctuary for mothers in need of solace, connection and restoration.

This event will take place from 10am until 4pm at the beautiful Angel Hall at Bowden House, Totnes.

It will be a safe haven for you to bring all of your feelings to the table, as they are and without judgement; where authenticity is cherished and vulnerability celebrated.


No masks, no pretences. Just you, as you are, in a space where your feelings are valid and your emotions are validated.

Throughout the day we will nurture you, with our combined professional well-being experience, and nourish you with nutritious snacks and a two-course, plant-based lunch.

This is not just an event; it's an offering of solace and connection at a time when it's needed the most.

What's Included?

🌿 Cacao & Sharing Circle: Join an intimate sharing circle, where we'll create a supportive space for sharing heaviness and struggles. Indulge in a heart-awakening cacao ceremony, fostering your connection back to yourself as well as your connection to others.
🧘 Yoga Session: Awaken your inner strength and serenity with an invigorating yoga session led by an experienced instructor. Embrace the flow of movement and breath as you find harmony within.
🌬️ Breathworks Session: Immerse yourself in mindfulness and discover the power of your breath. Through breathwork techniques, you'll learn to release stress and cultivate a deeper sense of presence and calm.
🎯 Coaching Session: Unlock the potential within you through a group coaching session. Gain clarity and focus on your personal goals, leaving with actionable steps to propel your personal growth journey.
🍃 Nutritious Lunch: Share and connect with other mothers over a delicious and nutritious two-course, plant-based lunch.


Reserve Your Space At The Sanctuary 

Spaces are limited to 12 to ensure an intimate and nurturing experience. 

To secure yours hit the button below or contact Belinda at for more payment options.

Ticket Information: £75


About the Facilitators

Belinda Jane Batt

Belinda is mum to two littles, a positive psychology coach and Founder of The Flourishing Mother.
She holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP) from the University of East London and is also a certified Motherhood Studies practitioner and a partner coach with Careering into Motherhood.
Although motherhood is a role that she adores, Belinda has found it extremely difficult at times. As a result of the challenges she has faced since becoming a mother, and the training she has undertaken, she is on a mission to support other mothers in feeling less alone, less inadequate, more fulfilled and more in control of life - enabling them to flourish.

Liz Hobbs Rhandi


Liz is a yoga teacher, writer and mum (though not necessarily in that order!). Her own journey with yoga led to a greater sense of self-acceptance and the ability to find joy in everyday life, and this in turn led her to share her experiences with others. Liz strives to share yoga practices that are inclusive, nurturing and that foster a sense of curiosity about our own limitless potential.


Elpitha Bruce

Elpitha is a mother of two little’uns, a counselling therapist, a doctor and a facilitator of trauma-informed workshops. She is passionate about bringing her experience of being with people in times of struggle or isolation to supportive spaces where we can reinforce our sense of nourishing community.


Sara Quiggin

Sara is a mum of two and a fully trained holistic, integrative, breath-informed counsellor.

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"If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life."

—  Abraham Maslow

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