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Reflection (& Free Coaching Offer)

I have been reluctant to write too soon about the pandemic situation we are suddenly finding ourselves living through, but, after several days of quiet reflection now feels like the right time. Naturally, everyone is dealing with it differently. Some are throwing themselves into long lost projects, ramping up productivity and focus. Others are going into hibernation mode, switching off their phones and hiding away from the world. No approach is wrong. These are uncharted territories we are entering – at least in most of our lifetimes – and so there is no map for us to follow.

With this in mind, I've been thinking a lot about what I can offer during these challenging times.

Whilst I wholeheartedly believe that well-being interventions such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga and so on are effective, there are plenty of people already talking about how to incorporate those into ‘lockdown life,’ so there is no need for me to add my voice to that already crowded space.

From a positive psychology perspective, I encourage you all to try interventions such as gratitude and acts of kindness, since these have been empirically proven to improve well-being.

From a coaching perspective, I am trained as a coach and not a counsellor or therapist, so cannot offer clinical interventions for those who feel their mental health is suffering as a result of Covid-19. But what I can perhaps help with is one big challenge we are all facing in these uncertain times; regaining a sense of control of where we are heading, whether personally or professionally.

I have therefore decided to offer free daily 30-minute one-to-one online coaching sessions for any mother who feels that they need it, and am also setting up free group coaching sessions as a way of bringing mothers together and creating a supportive community to navigate these strange and testing times. The aim of the one-to-one and group coaching sessions is to support mothers to: - Be constructive not reactive in these difficult times - Set goals and be accountable - Progress personal and/or business ambitions - Keep mental well-being in check - Stay positive and focused There are 5 one-to-one slots available each week and 4 slots for the group coaching. The aim of the group coaching is to meet online with the same 4 mothers on a weekly basis for one hour. The sessions will run over 6 weeks. Each week we will begin with a sharing circle and I will then encourage two people to share their goals and we will go through a coaching process to help them come up with tangible actions to achieve them. If you would like to be involved in either the one-to-one or group sessions please feel free to message me directly at

Wishing you all strength and courage as you forge your own paths through this crisis. Who knows, perhaps those of us who do come out the other side will be stronger and wiser for it.


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