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Your Transition To Flourishing Motherhood Starts NOW!

Becoming a mother changes and challenges women in many ways. It’s easy to feel out of control, and at the mercy of our emotions and the expectations of others, not to mention society as a whole.

BUT when we are able to:

Fully appreciate the situation we are in – both personally and from a broader societal perspective;

Learn evidence-based tools and techniques to support our well-being;

Overcome self-limiting beliefs;

Understand that feeling negative emotions is normal AND we can cultivate positive ones too;

Re-construct our sense of self – honouring the old whilst embracing the new;

Identify fully as flourishing mothers, despite the challenges we face;

Share our experiences with other mothers and support one another;

Harness our unique power to take action;

we CAN truly embrace flourishing motherhood and achieve our goals.

To help you achieve YOUR goals, I’m distilling all of my coaching, positive psychology and sociology of motherhood knowledge into one incredible six-week course, which combines learning modules with group and 121 coaching sessions to create a sense of community, support you in overcoming the challenges you face and make sure you finish the course with clear and tangible action plan to stay on track with achieving your goals.

Want to know more?

The pre-registration form is now LIVE. Sign up and be the first to know when enrollment for September opens.

Please note: Only 10 spaces are available for this intake - once it's full, it's full! So when enrollment opens, be sure to get in quick!

How much will it cost?

The total cost of the course will be £295, which can be paid in full or in 10 x monthly installments of £29.50.

What will this include?

See the programme page for a full list of what is included - the coaching calls alone are worth £155 so this is a fantastic offer!

Any questions?

Email and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash


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