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Support for Stressed Mothers

I have been speaking to a lot of mothers who are struggling as a result of the global pandemic we are experiencing. It seems that in many cases mothers are drawing the short straw when it comes to being responsible for childcare, even those who are – like their partners – required to continue working full-time from home (this article by Sheryl Sandberg discusses how the coronavirus pandemic is creating a 'double double shift' for women in the workplace). No wonder, then, that so many mothers are feeling a maelstrom of emotions, few of them positive.

I recently conducted a survey in my private Facebook Group (which you can join here) and found that the most common emotions mothers are experiencing are resentment, guilt and frustration, closely followed by anxiety, worry and overwhelm. Some mothers are also feeling vulnerable, fragile and defeated. Tellingly, very few of those surveyed were feeling optimistic or cautiously hopeful about the future; a worrying indication that the wellbeing of mothers in particular is suffering significantly in the current climate.

So, what can be done to help mothers navigate these testing times? Positive Psychology has a lot to offer here. There are numerous interventions which have been proven by scientific research to improve wellbeing. To summarise the ones that may be most helpful to stressed out mothers, I have created a free resource, downloadable through this site. I would love to know how useful this is, and to hear any suggestions for future resources I can create to support mothers.

If you are a mother who is struggling at the moment, please know you are not alone, and please trust that things can, and will, get better. If your issues are practical and you feel that coaching may help, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.


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