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A Reminder To Go Gently This Autumn

A reminder to go gently with yourself this Autumn.

Read on for why/how...

"Go Gently" was my mantra for this year.

As I sit here at the start of the Autumn term, feeling at the same time 'free' and full of intensely swirling emotions, it seems appropriate to revisit it.

So often as mothers we struggle to go gently with ourselves, instead piling more and more pressure on ourselves to achieve more, do better, BE better.

There are many reasons for this, including our social conditioning and the messages we learn and internalise from a young age that tell us to be 'good' girls and 'perfect' mothers. We are programmed to always strive for MORE.

But what happens when we always strive for more?

1. We are never happy in the present moment.

2. We can burn out.

Neither are good for our well-being or for our families.

So today, as you navigate the changing of another season of motherhood, and if you - like me - are also full of mixed emotions, take a moment to breathe, to feel gratitude for what is here, NOW, and to release yourself from the vice-like grip of conditioning.

Remind yourself that you are whole. That you are enough. And that you have the power to choose the pace at which you go this season - and in your life.

If you need to stop, and rest, and feel the feelings, do so. You don't need permission.

And if you would like support to go gently into Autumn I have a number of offerings available - both online & in Totnes, Devon. DM me for info.

woman throwing autumn leaves


Belinda xx


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