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The Power Of Connection

Last night I hosted a vision boarding workshop at my home with 6 mothers.

It took a little time for everyone to feel comfortable sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings, but with the vision boarding as a vehicle they eventually came out naturally.

It was beautiful to witness.

It was also emotional.


  • We were vulnerable.

  • We let our guard down.

  • We admitted that we felt alone sometimes.

  • And that we valued and needed connection.

As mothers we DO need connection.

Without it motherhood can be a lonely journey to navigate.

If YOU are craving connection I have offerings that may interest you:

Online Offerings:

1. The Village - a monthly subscription (currently only £7.99/mth until end Sep) giving you access to a lovely and supportive community of mums via a private WhatsApp group, as well as twice-monthly coaching and connection calls via Zoom. Sign up here.

2. My 6 week online Flourishing Mothers programme starting Oct 11th - weekly group calls and a syllabus designed to provide awareness of the societal structures that prevent mothers from flourishing, knowledge of evidence-based tools to support your well-being and clarity in your goals and how to achieve them. Sign up here.

In-person Offerings (in Totnes, Devon):

1. Mothers' Mini-Retreat - next Sat 23rd Sep

A nourishing morning of sharing, cacao, yoga, breathwork and coaching. Sign up here.

2. Vision Boarding Workshop Part 2 - Thu 28th Sep

Sign up here.

DM me with any questions.

Have a beautiful day, Mamas x

women sharing at a vision board workshop

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