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Not All Mothers Wear Capes

The past weeks and months have been challenging to say the least.

According to the Journal of Psychiatric Research 61% of mums who have had babies during lockdown have experienced anxiety, compared with the 'normal' postnatal anxiety and depression rate of 15%.

My daughter was born in October last year and even though she is my second child I have felt high levels of anxiety both during my pregnancy and in the wake of her birth, so I can only imagine how much harder it must have been for first time mothers going through these uncertain times.

I know from my own research that levels of guilt and shame in new mothers have increased as a direct result of the pandemic, which is hardly surprising when you consider that many of the usual support networks for new mothers have been ripped away.

Motherhood is challenging at the best of times, but the pandemic has increased feelings of loneliness, isolation, stress and anxiety for all mothers.

Nonetheless, we show up every day for our children and do our best to give them what they need to thrive, often at the expense of giving ourselves what WE need to do the same.

Now, more than ever, mothers need support and a listening ear.

If you know a mum who is struggling, why not reach out today and see what they need?

And if you are a mum who is struggling, check back soon for news on an event I will be running to support you.

Not all mothers wear capes.

But they really should ;)


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