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Going Gently Into The New Year

In our western, capitalist society we are fed the message that we 'should' always be doing, creating, building momentum and pushing forward.

And whilst change IS vital for us to grow, this New Year I want to encourage you to challenge the societal message, and to understand the value of going gently towards our goals.

Instead of trying to change everything all at once (or change nothing at all), we can choose to change gently.

What does that mean?

🔸️Starting from a place of self-compassion, acknowledging where you are now and the challenges that stand in your way;

🔸️Setting the intention to change in a slow but sustainable way; taking baby steps that will build into steady momentum and good habits;

🔸️Being realistic about how much change you can manage at this stage in your life, and setting your goals accordingly;

🔸️Connecting with other gentle change-makers to create a safe and supportive environment to foster lasting, positive change.

🔸️Getting a professionally-trained coach who understands the challenges you face and can help you achieve sustainable change - gently.

What changes do you want to make this year? I'd love to know in the comments ⬇️

And if you feel ready to work with a coach to support you achieving your goals - gently - this year, why not book a free, no obligation chemistry call to see if we might be the right fit to work together?


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