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Letting Go of Perfect

It’s so easy to become obsessed with achieving perfection. But what is perfect? Does it even exist? At The Flourishing Mother we believe there’s no such thing, especially when it comes to motherhood. Thanks to numerous sociocultural factors, however, mothers often feel that in failing to be ‘ideal’ mothers they are in fact being ‘bad’ mothers – a label that elicits feelings of guilt and shame which can negatively impact their wellbeing.

As Founder of The Flourishing Mother I may identify as a flourishing mother, but that doesn’t mean I always feel like one. Some days are hard, as is normal in motherhood. What makes me a flourishing mother isn’t that I don’t have hard days, it’s that – thanks to the tools and techniques I have learned whilst studying for my Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology – I understand that this is normal, it will pass, and in the meantime there are strategies I can employ to make it easier. I also understand that sometimes it’s okay to let the mask slip, to let go of perfect and embrace ‘good enough.’ In fact, it just might be good for us.


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